Amalgamating elements of electronic dance, indie-rock, and retro rock with tinctures of psychedelia tossed in for flavor. Contagious Melodies and Rhythms.


Hannover and Rheinbach, Germany


Alternative Rock,

Electronic, Psychedlic

Years Active:

1996- Present




Interzone.Records: Dave Rile

e-mail: interzone.records@t-online.de

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“With Full Artificial Intelligence, Betweenzone delivers complex harmonic textures, solid rhythms, and brilliantly allusive melodies. It’s a captivating album well-worth attention.”


— Randall Radic, Germany’s Betweenzone Drops Debut Album, ‘Full Artificial Intelligence’   June 23rd, 2018

“For all of two pieces – you’ve gotta hand it to Betweenzone – this is an absolute achievement in diverse ideas and sound through an entire set of songs that have wild imagination & clear, sincere passion on display at every moment, in every style they take on. Great job guys – it was worth the wait!”


— Jer@SBS, Betweenzone – Full Artificial Intelligence – Album Review   June 23rd, 2018

“Latest album ‘Full Artificial Intelligence’ by the amazing betweenzone is truly wonderful. In their latest thirteen-track album ‘Full Artificial Intelligence, the highly gifted band known as betweenzone showcase just why they are the name to follow in the world of music with phenomenal production, great vocals and an overall vibe that will keep with you for weeks and months to come. With this album released, we are sure to hear more great things from this terrific band known as, betweenzone.”


— Sound of Now, Review: betweenzone ‘Full Artificial Intelligence’  June 19th, 2018

“Betweenzone recently released a new exciting album titled “Full Artificial Intelligence.” Hailing from Germany, the band specialized in a very energetic, crisp and raw blend of rock music, which is never afraid to dive deeper in other territories, including pop and electronic music. The sound of this release makes me think of the work of artists as diverse as Nirvana, Bon Jovi or Nine Inch Nails, making for a driven, direct and forward-thinking lyrical flow.”


— Peter Vidani, Betweenzone - Full Artificial Intelligence  June 21st, 2018

“Straight out of Hannover, Germany comes Betweenzone. The band is made up of Dave M. Rile on vocals and production and East on guitars and bass. Betweenzone’s sound is difficult to pigeonhole, amalgamating elements of electronic dance, indie-rock, and retro rock with tinctures of psychedelia tossed in for flavor. Contagious Melodies and Muscular Rhythms You Give Your Life Away features contagious melodies and muscular rhythms, as well as an exotic European aspect that bathes the music in a luminous dust of glittering allure. Betweenzone definitely has it going on. You Give Your Life Away is worth your time and attention and, if the rest of the album is just as tasty, it promises to be excellent.”


— Randall Radic, Blogcritics Music Review: Betweenzone   January 22nd, 2018

“Alors que l’Allemagne jouit d’une très bonne réputation à l’étranger en matière de culture, ses artistes ont du mal à s’exporter…du moins chez nous. Encore en plus dans le domaine de la musique où la compréhension des paroles est importante, la langue allemande qui n’est pas beaucoup parlée hors des frontières du pays peut parfois être un frein quant à l’exportation des groupes musicaux. Il est par exemple très rare que nous recevions des demandes venant de nos voisins alors que nous croulons sur les mails de pays lointains . C’est donc avec un plaisir certain que nous vous invitons à découvrir Betweenzone.”

PATRICK KAYA, IGGY Magazine, Betweenzone : You Give Your Life Away, une belle introduction à l’univers du   January 16th, 2018

“You know what I’m really into right now? I’m into projects, artists & bands like Betweenzone that have an ability to connect in such a way that it makes perfect sense as to WHY they make their music. I think when you hear something that has such uniqueness and creative ideas as you’ll find in the sound & style of Betweenzone, call me crazy, but it would like, make perfect sense that every one of these players would be extremely enthusiastic, invested & involved in every moment of their music, don’t you think?”

— Sleeping Bag Studios, Betweenzone – ReverbNation Singles   January 14th, 2018

The Diamonds from Space Mix of Time Has Come is an electrifying EDM spin on the track that really unveils Betweenzone’s versatility. The rhythm guitar and swirling bassline are sure two keep listeners captivated. Closing out the EP is Time Has Come’s Ebm Mix.  The industrial elements contained in this version set the tone for a nostalgic journey onto the club scene and more.