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Time Has Come - The Remixes EP, Music Review by Jer@SBS

Aktualisiert: 26. Aug 2019

As we head into a completely all-new chapter of our own history here at SBS shortly this summer and I begin to head into a cocoon of self-doubt & excitement to recharge & refresh our ideas & approach, I couldn’t be happier to end on the greatest of notes with a whole EP built around a song I’ve loved for well-over a year since it came out, Betweenzone’s “Time Has Come.”  We’ve met an entire universe of amazing artists & bands at our old homestead…Betweenzone is certainly included in that incredible list of those we’ve had the opportunity & honor to listen to from the place we’ve known & loved for seven years – and even though we’ll be leaving that community, we’re stoked to serve the independent music-scene in a whole new way, on our own, once & for all, pass or fail…the “Time Has Come,” as they say.

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